The iCeMS has focused on capturing the phenomena of the interface between materials and cells, elucidating their mechanisms, and developing technologies to manipulate them artificially. To mark the 10th anniversary of the iCeMS, we established the Analysis Center within the iCeMS in April 2017 to make the iCeMS’ advanced technologies and experimental equipment available to a wide range of researchers and to develop and deepen research in materials and cell science.

Bioanalysis Unit
[ Microscope ]
 We support the observation and analysis of the dynamic behavior of living cells from their microstructure to multicellularity by using instruments capable of long-term observation of living cells such as confocal microscopes equipped with multiphoton excitation units and super-resolution units.
[ Molecular and cellular analysis ]
 There are flow cytometers, cell sorters, and DNA sequencers, which allow cells to be dispersed in a fluid for optical analysis or selective retrieval, contributing to research that requires more analysis and characterization of cells.

Materials Analysis Unit
[ Analysis ]
 We support the measurement and analysis, such as analysis of morphology and state on the nanoscale, structural analysis of materials, and precise quantitative measurement to clarify physical properties.
[ Rating ]
 We support the measurement and analysis necessary to elucidate chemical reaction characteristics, such as quantification of substances contained in reaction systems, partial structure analysis of organic molecules, and adsorption measurements of porous materials.
[ Production ]
 We can also prepare samples for an electron microscope and handle hazardous substances using drafts.

Shared Equipment Support Unit
[ management ]
We manage everything related to research, from shared equipments, equipment reservation systems, budget including calculation of equipment usage fees and acquisition of external funding.
[ support ]
We provides comprehensive support to researchers who are boldly pursuing interdisciplinary research, consultation on equipment for PIs moving in and out of the iCeMS, and administrative procedures for animal experiment facilities.
[ how to use ]
We design of how to use a new shared equipment and systems, training in safe equipment and laboratory usage.

The iCeMS Analysis Center will continue to focus on education and training, welcoming participants from all over the world, from young researchers to professionals entering new fields.