【Dec 1】Notice of Reservation System Change

Please use KUMaCo for reservations for the following equipment starting December 1, 2022.

  • B001: Nikon Fast-Scan Confocal Microscope A1R
  • B002: Olympus Confocal Microscope FV-1000 with Super-Resolution Unit
  • B003: Leica Super-Resolution Microscope TCS SP8 STED
  • B004: Zeiss Confocal FCCS Microscope LSM780
  • B005: Zeiss Super-Resolution Microscope LSM880 Airyscan
  • B006: Zeiss Confocal Microscope LSM710
  • B007: Zeiss Multiphoton Fast Super-Resolution Microscope LSM980NLO Airyscan2
  • B008: Andor Multimodal Fast Confocal Microscope System Dragonfly
  • B009: Zeiss Super-Resolution Microscope Elyra7 with Lattice SIM^2
  • B010: (a demo) Zeiss Lattice Lightsheet 7
  • B101: Canto II (Flowcytometer)
  • B102: Aria II SORP (Cell Soter)
  • B103: 3031xl Genetic Analyzer (DNA Sequencer)
  • B104: Hess System (Capillary Immnoblotting System)
  • B105: SeqStudio (DNA Sequencer)
  • B106: QuantStudio 3 (RT-PCR System)